Do you really need to wear a wig hat?

The wig cap is a net worn under the wig. It has different materials and colors, such as black, brown or gold, to adapt to different comfort and appearance requirements. People at any stage of hair loss can enjoy the benefits of a wig cap, but this does not mean that everyone likes it. Then why don't you wear it?

The wig cap increases the friction required to hold the wig in place, thereby minimizing the possibility of the wig slipping off. Wig caps are highly recommended accessories for those who have complete hair loss.
For sensitive scalp, adding a layer to the scalp and wig can help reduce itching.
It acts as a barrier to sweat. Prolong the life of the wig by keeping it clean.

However. . .
Although most wig caps are made of thin materials, they may add extra weight and heat to your head, and some wearers may experience discomfort.
Some people find that the straps of the wig cap are too narrow and will feel uncomfortable after wearing them for a long time.

This matter, when it comes to wearing a wig cap, everything depends on personal preference. If wearing a wig hat can help you get the comfort and look you want, then do it. If it does not bring you any additional benefits, then leave.