Does Lace Wigs Damage the Hairline

Lace front wigs have become the magical accessories for women searching to change their look. Human hair lace front wigs opened a new door to the beauty and fashion world, women can enjoy their unique and beautiful appearance by multitudinous styles. We have to admit, cheap human hair lace front wigs are the ones that appeared along with the fashion trends.

But even real human hair wigs are so popular these days, there still have some women worrying about if the human lace front wigs with baby hair will damage their hairline.

Actually, human lace front wigs will not bring any damage to wears hairline, the only way to damage their hairline is improper installation and remove, as long as you pay more attention to the installation and removal procedure, your hairline will never be damaged.

The lace hair system should only be used for a few days at the maximum. After that, you need to remove it and clean it. You also need to wash and condition your own hair. Before using the lacing system, always make sure that your hair is completely dry.

You should also get a breathable cap that prevents direct contact between the adhesive and your hair. If you take the right precautions, a lace hairpiece will have no impact on your natural hair.