Human Hair Wigs VS Synthetic Wigs, Which Is The Best?

Both human hair and synthetic hair have advantages and limitations, but how do you know which is best for you? Here are the facts so you can work out which best suits your needs...

Human Hair Wigs

Has a natural look and feel.
Offers styling versatility can be curled, straightened etc.
It requires more care.
It needs to be styled just like your own hair.
Can be expensive.
With proper care, it can last up to a year.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

High-quality synthetic hair looks and feels similar to human hair.
Styling is limited as heated tools cannot be used.
Requires less maintenance and will not lose shape or curls.
Can wear it right out of the box.
Is cheaper than the human hair.
With proper care can last 3 to 6 months.

Above all, we can’t say which type of wigs is definitely better than the other one, just select a suitable wig according to your needs.